Photos by Bob Loudon

I am, by trade, a professor of biology at Drexel University in Philadelphia. I do not come to photography by formal training but, rather, from a long-held love for the craft of making photos and sharing with the viewer a little of how I see the world.

I am interested in capturing humanity in varied context/environments be it on city streets or in my travels abroad. I am also drawn to landscapes and believe in the spiritual richness and beauty they can provide to the human soul.

The notion of pilgrimage, both literal (as in the Camino de Santiago) and figurative (as in this pilgrimage we call life), resonates in me constantly and I strive to discover the different ways this searching for meaning manifests itself in others. We are all pilgrims of one sort or another and I want to capture and share a little of others' and my journey in life.

I will always be a student of photography (never a Master, I'm afraid) so I look forward to any constructive feedback regarding my work. Thank you for taking the time to look at some of my efforts here. Feel free to contact me (email: ogr1960@gmail.com)


Bob and wife, Maria, in Les Baux de Provence

Bob and wife, Maria, in Les Baux de Provence